Meet Our Broker


Annmarie Triolo is a NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and Owner of Triolo Realty Group, Inc. and began her Real Estate career over a decade ago. Being a struggling single Mom, Annmarie was determined to make it in a highly competitive industry. Annmarie reflects on her early beginnings and says, “When I first started, I didn’t want to be a typical salesperson. I wanted to learn everything and anything I could about Real Estate in order to become a guiding asset to my clients. I loved the idea of truly helping people and holding their hands through the process.”

Having worked for a few of the bigger name brand companies, Annmarie landed herself a number of Top Producer awards including New York Magazine’s 2015 Five Star Real Estate Agent award.   Yet, she found that none of the companies she worked for were living up to her high standards of quality and care she wanted to offer her clients. It was with this incentive, that she decided to take the risk to branch out on her own and opened Triolo Realty Group, Inc. in 2014.

Her initial plan was to be a one-woman show but “the Universe had other plans for me”, Annmarie says. One by one she found agents coming on their own to join her at her company because they saw her as a life-changing coach to lead them in the proper way of selling real estate. Annmarie is very picky as to which Agents she allows to join her company. She says, “the knowledge I can give them…It’s the heart and care that they have to come in with to start.”

By the second year of Triolo Realty Group’s existence we ranked in the top 20 Real Estate companies in over 300 companies in our local market. Annmarie takes great pride that in a truly competitive industry, her agents work together like a family. They consistently work together as a whole in order to always have the client’s best interest at heart. It’s a company dynamic not found anywhere else.


When you hire an agent from Triolo Realty Group you become a part of this great family of ours. If you have any interest in Buying or Selling Real Estate or are interested in a Free Market Value of your home please call us at (718) 844-5414.