You know that feeling when you walk into a store, and a salesperson is breathing down your neck, doing everything in their power to convince you to buy their product….and sometimes, it works? You get home with your newly purchased product, and suddenly an overwhelming wave of buyer’s remorse comes over you. You suddenly wish someone would have been in that store with you—someone to look out to make sure you were buying something you needed, something you truly want—and to insure you weren’t paying too much for it.  In real estate, we call that guardian—that person that has your back—a “Buyer’s Agent”.

    A Buyer’s Agent doesn’t get paid by you, and instead get paid from the sale of the home—they get paid part of the commission the sellers are giving out for selling their home. They search for your next home with the specific criteria you give them, they make the showing appointments for you, and most importantly—they are there to protect you. While you’re looking around the home with them, they’re insuring that nothing is substantially wrong with it, insuring that you’re offering the correct amount for the home, and insuring that when the deal is moving forward, that you won’t be taken advantage of.

    Buyer’s Agents have YOUR back, and have fiduciary duty to you, and you only. Don’t look for your next home alone, and take some of the work of researching off your plate—enter your info below and we’ll reach out to you to begin this adventure together!