Teresa Triolo-Thompson

NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Office: (718) 844-5414
Cell: (347) 486-0108

Hi! My name is Teresa Triolo-Thompson, and I’m a NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. When I began this career, it felt like I had finally found my calling—and the immense amount of satisfaction I find in it has yet to cease. From an early age, I had always worked in the realm of hospitality. A large portion of my family owned and operated restaurants, and as I progressed and worked in these environments I learned what it meant to truly take care for the needs and wants of a person on a daily basis. As I formed into an adult, I took the things I learned as a child and applied it to a corporate world, working in advertising. I began to work in a polished and careful way, always taking into mind the importance of doing things well and to the highest degree of excellence. Within that point of my life, I also learned something about myself: under high-pressure situations where others would falter—I thrived and flourished. Even further, I worked with the ideology that there were no permanent problems, only solutions of which I knew I was able to find.

Though after working corporate for a while, something was still missing from my life—I still felt unsatisfied. I would soon get married, and move into a home that had been in my family for generations. Many years ago, my grandparents bought the home I am currently living in, my parents then lived in it after that, and now I live there with my wonderful husband. That’s when I realized the impact of a home on a family, and how the purchase of a home can become the seed of a family tree that can stretch its limbs out far and wide—with memories of generations and generations being held upright by its roots. It then struck me—I wanted to take all the skills of hospitality, care, and quality I had learned—and use them to help other families plant those seeds. I wanted to guide people through the sometimes-complicated process of finding a home—a home where they are truly comfortable and complete.

Always being ambitious, I happily thrust myself into the world of real estate—and I haven’t looked back since. I could have easily made a more consistent living in corporate America, but this is more important to me. It’s about the satisfaction and gratification that comes with being honest with people, and guiding them through every step of the process. I’m not just going to work for you, I’m going to make sure you know and understand the process as it continues—never leaving you feeling lost or uncomfortable. I’m here to protect you, and ensure that together we find solutions to the problems that may arise. You wouldn’t want a doctor caring for you that didn’t truly care about your personal well being—why should real estate be any different? I look forward to helping you with any and all of your real estate needs—it would be my pleasure to guide and care for any journey you’re about to embark on.